Pangasinan:Come, Explore, & Discover !

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step !


Welcome to Pangasinan ! Here in pangasinan you can relax and enjoy. One of the famous tourist distination in Philippines is the Pangasinan.

Pangasinan means “Land of Salt” . It is derived from the root word “asin”, meaning “salt”. The province is a major producer of salt in the Philippines. Located about 5-6 hours away from Manila, the province has fine beaches to boast in an unspoiled, serene surrounding.

 The Pangasinenses and Ilocanos are warm polite and hospitable,adventurous and the most hardworking people.

Cultural roots in centuries of glorious history, and a way of life that is a delightful combination of tradition, innovation and creativity. They strive hard to make a living, difficulty is never a hindrance to their success. To and Ilocano, hardships can easily be overcome. He believes in the value of study, industry and patience; thus, there family encourages the children to go to school and learn skills to find better paying jobs and consequently, have a better life.

Major Industries: Agriculture based industries remain to be the source of income of many. Prominent industries are bagoong making, handicrafts and gifts, toys and houseware making.

In the best tradition of Pangasinan hospitality, we invite you to discover our unspoilt paradises—tranquil seas, dolden beaches, spectacular coral reefs, majestic mountains, unexplored caves, hot and cold natural springs and many other diverse attractions that bring back the hearty feel of the countryside. Here, you will find old and charming towns, ancient churches, picture-book farmlands and coastal villages where you can thrill to deep-sea fishing and every conceivable water sports with the natives. Here, you can also savor the legendary Pangasinan hospitality with its warm and gentle people in their traditional industries, indigenous arts and culinary delights. And, finally, join us in our colorful festivities mostly in the height of summer, when people come in droves to pay homage to the Almighty and the magnificence of Mother Nature. My sincerest wishes for a pleasant stay in this province.